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On this page you will find videos that explain you how to use our portal and much more

    Types of users

In general, we differentiate between two types of external users: Project Lead and Project Stakeholder.

As a Project Lead you receive full access to the financial overview, offers, project tasks, FAQs, Contacts, and Timesheets. We provide you with all information you  require for planning, monitoring, and controlling your project.

Project Stakeholders, on the other hand, would be most likely Team Members like Accountants or your HR Manager – if you fall into this category of personnel you would normally be indirectly involved in a project and therefore require selective  access to the project tasks, our knowledge database (FAQ), and the contact data that is relevant to you. In addition, the Report function is available for  both types of users. 



In this section, you are able to see all the quotations with a detailed description of the offer that we have made for you.


Sales orders

In this section you can see all the quotations with the confirmed offers.



In this video I want to show you task section, and what information you can gain from the task overview. 



On the goal of financial savings, timesheets help you to keep track of invoicing and to monitoring how much work our employees have done for you. In this video I would explain you how to use timesheet section.



Communication is a key! In our contact overview you will all related to your project contacts, their role, phone, and e-mail address. You have the possibility to search for needed contact.  



In this video you can learn how to use a FAQ section, how to comment them and create a new one.



In this video you can learn how to report a bug or ask the question using our portal.